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KG Halo 3 4v4 Tournament
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17th Mar 2014

***For the purposes of keeping a healthy connection this tournament is open to citizens of the United States and Canada only!***

***Team Captains must have all 4 players on your team registered and entered on the roster within 24 hours of signing up or your team will be removed from the roster.***

***This Tournament is Free To Enter!***

KG Halo 3 4v4 Tournament

1. This is an Online Halo 3 4v4 Team Slayer Tournament. Meaning that it will be coordinated entirely over xbox live. Winning players will each receive a $10 Xbox Currency Code. Codes will be sent to Winner's xbox live gamer tag and email.

2. This tournament will be held at 6:00 PM EST on Sunday, May 4th 2014. 

3. You can enter your team by having your teammates make a kaioken gaming account then go to the tournament page. If all 16 slots
fill up contact Punny OG and you will be put on the waiting list. Deadline to register is Thursday, May 1st.
Each Team Captain must post the following information in the Tournament forum post.;
a. Team Name
b. Team Captain
c. Player Gamertags
Your team mates can join your team by going to Team & Players and clicking Join.

4. This Tournament will use MLG settings and is single elimination. Each round will be best of three games.


1. Be online and ready to play by 5:40 PM EST. We suggest that you be in your match up lobby prior to the tournament start time at 6:00 PM EST. Teams that are not in their match up lobby by 6:00 PM EST will be disqualified. Contact Punny OG if your first round oppenent isn't online.

2. Games must be played with the up to date specified maps and settings. No exceptions! Violators will be disqualifed.

3. No cheating or misconduct of any kind. ie. Network Manipulation, Modding, etc. This is your only warning.

4. Teams must report match results in one of the following ways;
a. Posting results in the website chatbox w/ halo waypoint link.
b. Posting results in the tournament forum thread w/ halo waypoint link.
c. Send Punny OG or a moderator an xbox live message with results.

5. Players are free to stream their matches.

6. In the event of a tie (1-1-1), a match will be started using the same settings but kill count changed to 1.

7. If for some reason your opponent can't connect with you please contact Punny OG for a solution.

8. Match Ups will be posted on the front page of the site and be sent out via xbox live message 72 hours before the tournament. Teams are responsible for coordinating with their opponent and starting the 1st match by 6:00PM EST on May 4th.

9. After all matches for each round are reported I will send out next round match ups via website chat box and xbox live message.

10. A team must have 4 players to enter. Team Captains must have all 4 players on your team registered and entered on the roster within 24 hours of signing up or your team will be removed from the roster. Your team mates can join your team by
1. Log in to your Kaioken Gaming account.
2. Go to the Tournament Page.
3. Click "Join This Tournament" at the bottom of the Tournament Page.
4. You will be taken to the roster and at the bottom slot it will say "join." Click on Join and you will be put on the roster.

11. All players must be citizens of the United States or Canada.

12. KG Management has the right to alter event rules in the best interest of the community and event participants.

1st Place: Each player will receive a $10 Xbox Currency Code (Sent to you via xbox live message and email.) & a 1st Place Website Reward.
2nd Place: 2nd Place Website Reward.

Tournament Settings:
Each round will be best of 3 games.

Game Type:
MLG Team Slayer 8
Kill Count: 50

1. The Pit v8
2. Construct v8
3. Narrows v8
4. Amplified v8
5. Guardian v8

Round 1:
Game 1: The Pit
Game 2: Guardian
Game 3: Amplified

Round 2:
Game 1: Construct
Game 2: Narrows
Game 3: Guardian

Round 3:
Game 1: Amplified
Game 2: The Pit
Game 3: Construct

Round 4: Finals
Game 1: Guardian
Game 2: The Pit
Game 3: Narrows

Game Type & Maps will be uploaded to Punny OG File Share by April 1st.

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