KG Halo 4 Doubles Throwback Tournament
KG Halo 4 Doubles Throwback Tournament
Scheduled Start:
3:05 PM Sat 16th Nov 2013
Number of teams:
Players per team:
Single Elimination
Entrance Fee:

Kaioken Gaming Halo 4 Doubles Throwback Tournament

***This Tournament is open to US & Canada only.*****This event is FREE to enter**


1. This is a 2v2 team slayer Halo 4 tournament that will consist of 16 to 32 doubles teams. This tournament will be held on Saturday, November 16th at 2 PM EST.

2.  To register go to and create an account. Then Log in and register your team.  Both team members must be registered on the website. If your partner must drop out, have your sub register on the site and inform Red Eyed Punny so that your partner can be added to your team roster. If your team needs to withdraw from the tournament all together please inform Red Eyed Punny asap.

3.  This is a Throwback Tournament and will use Halo 2 remakes that can be found in the fileshare of JuggaloDAB. As with any community made maps there will be glitches that need to be fixed so we will be updating those maps uptil 2 weeks prior to the tournament.

4. Players on the winning team will each receive a $20 Gamestop Gift Card (will receive code by email and xbox live message immediately following the tournament.)

5. First round match ups will be sent out via email and xbox live message 48 hours prior to the tournament. We will also have the match ups on our challonge page. Team Captons will be notified of changes.

6.  If you are a free agent or have any questions or concerns post in the tournament thread. http://kaiokengaming.icla ... ournament-thread-rvp


1. Be online and ready to play by the tournament start time. We suggest that you have your team ready and in your match up lobby 5 minutes prior to the tournament or round start time. Teams not present within 3 minutes after the start time will be disqualified.

2. You can not play man down! A sub player can take the place of a player that has dropped out. But your sub must be registered on the website prior to the tournament date and can not be subbed in after the 2nd round. Your sub can't join a game already in progress.

3. Games must be played with the up to date specified maps and settings. No exceptions! Violators will be disqualifed. 

4. No cheating or misconduct of any kind. This is your only warning.

5. Team Captions must report match results in one of the following ways;
    a. Posting results in the website chatbox w/ halo waypoint link.
    b. Posting results in the tournament forum thread w/ halo waypoint link.
    c. Send Red Eyed Punny or a moderator an xbox live message with results and uploading the replay to your fileshare.
http://kaiokengaming.icla ... ournament-thread-rvp

6. Players are free to stream their matches. You can post a link in the tournament thread and they will be posted on the front page of the website on the tournament date.

7. In the event of a tie, a match will be started using the same settings but kill count changed to 5.

8. Any member that quits out of a game, may re-join the game in session, quitting also includes lagging out.

9. KG Management has the right to alter event rules in the best interest of the community and event participants.

Tournament Settings:
**Matches will be best of 3 and the Finals will be best of 5.**Rounds will be determined a week prior to the tournament.

 V4 Team Slayer

1. Lockout
2. Sanctuary
3. Midship
4. Beaver Creek
5. Warlock

Maps and gametype can be found in JuggaloDAB fileshare.

Winning Team: (2) $20 Gamestop Gift Cards & 1st Place Website Reward

2nd Place Team: 2nd Place Website Reward

**Each participant will get a special tournament website reward.**

5th Nov 2013

I would like to know specific details on what is considered cheating or misconduct, is hiding in hiding spots cheating? It isn't against the rules and takes skill to know the spots, but I would like to know just in case for some reason it is, would like to not get disqualified for this. Also there are certain things one could do to take advantage of the V4 Team Slayer settings, so any specifics on what would get a team disqualified for cheating would be helpful and much appreciated, thanks!